Workplace Safety Inspection



  • Effective safety and health inspections are one of the most important incident/accident prevention tools in a company’s safety and health program.
  • Properly trained inspectors in a planned inspection program will reduce injuries, incidents and property damage.
  • An effective safety inspection program will improve worker communication, company morale and, over time, prevent accidents, and save the employer money.

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  • Safety and health inspection programs require planning.
  • Responsibility and accountability must be assigned, identifying who inspectors are and when inspections will be done.
  • The primary focus of this program should be accident prevention, through the maintenance of safe working conditions and the removal of any potential hazards that arise in the workplace.
  • Good inspection programs will also identify the items to be inspected and then set standards to be maintained in the workplace by supervision and workers.
  • The program should include a system that will record inspections done and ensure that any problems identified are corrected by a responsible person who has the ability to carry out the necessary changes.
  • A follow-up system, through the safety committee and management, should be employed to ensure that all items are followed up and corrected.
  • Once the inspection program is in place, the safety program should provide a means of monitoring it to see if trends arise that may be contributing to the company’s accident or injury problems.
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