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Respirator Fit Test $35 each
WorkSafeBC requires that all employees who wear respirators be given an annual fit test.

All respirators, ( Half face, full face, or disposable N95 type) must fit properly and form a good seal on your face. A fit test is done to check that contaminated air cannot leak into your respirator and be inhaled. To ensure a good fit, nothing, including eyeglass frames, head coverings or beards, sideburns, or stubble must come between your respirator and your skin where the respirator seals with your face.

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The Employer

The Employer is responsible to implement and maintain a respiratory protection program. One or more persons can be designated to administer the program.

The respiratory protection program will include:

  • An evaluation of airborne contaminants in the workplace
  • An exposure control plan
  • Selection of appropriate respirators
  • Training of workers
  • Maintenance of respirators
  • Medical evaluation of workers where required
  • Annual review of the program
  • Annual Fit Tests

8.40 Respirator Fit test

(1) A respirator which requires an effective seal with the face for proper functioning must not be issued to a worker unless a fit test demonstrates that the face piece forms an effective seal with the wearer’s face.

(2) Fit tests must be performed in accordance with procedures in CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z94.4-02, Selection, Use, and Care of Respirators.

(2.1) A fit test must be carried out

(a) before initial use of a respirator,

(b) at least once a year,

Respiratory protection

Employers are required to provide workers with appropriate respirators wherever workers are exposed to hazardous substances in the air. This includes gases and vapours, dusts, fibres, mists, fumes, and bioaerosols. Different hazards require different types of respirators, so it is important to choose the right respirator for the breathing hazards in your workplace. Some respirators must also be fitted with the correct filter or cartridge in order to be effective. 


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