The Lockout Training course not only deals with how to lockout the machinery, but why and when machinery must be locked out. We believe that unless people can understand the actual dangers from failure to lockout, many of them will neglect lockout.

The Lockout Training program is designed to meet the requirements of WorkSafeBC

Lockout Course Objectives:

  • To learn how, when, and why lockout is required
  • To help prevent accidents and damage caused by unexpected movement of machinery and hazardous energy sources

8:00 am 1.5- 2 Hours

Cost for course $50.00 Please call 250-756-8885 for more information.



Lockout Course Outline:

  • Review of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and the legal requirement for locking out equipment, including responsibilities of the owner, supervisor, and worker
  • Consequences of improper lockout or lack of lockout
  • Different kinds of energy
  • Generic lockout policy vs. machine specific lockout procedures
  • Safety blocking devices
  • Isolating energy sources
  • Understanding of a specific lockout procedure
  • Understanding the lockout policy

Suggested Participants For Hazardous Energy Control
Any person that operators machinery, supervisors, maintenance workers, safety committee members

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